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We believe traveling and exploring the world through surfing is one of the best things in life. Understanding nature, chasing waves and sharing the passion for our sport with our friends and families puts a big smile on our faces and motivates us day by day. This is what we live for.

We are a group of surfers and snowboarders. Our passion is outdoor sports and we try to enjoy nature as much as possible. If you stay in the outdoors under blue skies and the bright sun for too long, you will face the sun's harming effects on your skin. The problem is: we only have one skin and our skin never forgets - so we have to protect it.

Traditional sunscreens were never designed for the extreme conditions you experience while surfing the ocean or snowboarding the mountains. Most sun protection products don't absorb properly and might run into your eyes, leaving you with stinging eyes and damaged skin. This can lead to sunburns, premature skin aging, or even more serious diseases like skin cancer or macula degeneration. So we at SWOX got together to create the best possible sun protection products, which fit our needs. And because we know that there is no substitute for expertise and experience, our products are developed in conjunction with both medical researchers from Germany, Switzerland and Australia as well as professional athletes all over the globe. This is the idea of SWOX Surf Protection.

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